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A band from Chattanooga, TN.

Open was founded by original members Nathaniel Sirmans and Garrison Heinfeldt in 2016. In the beginning, the band took influence from groups like The Garden, in regards to their bass-focused songwriting approach. In 2021 drummer and songwriter, Zachary Sparks joined Open. Through the years of 2016-2021, the band broadened their range of musical influence drawing from bands like The Cure, Nirvana, and Fugazi, as well as, taking creative ideas from Led Zeppelin, Wu-Tang Clan, and Hunter S. Thompson. Currently, the band is finding solid ground with a liminal indie-punk sound they refer to as Shoegazi. A compilation of hand-picked fan-favorite songs from their earliest releases can be listened to on their 2021 mixtape Early Days. As of now, the band pushes the boundaries of genre definitions through their innovative and eclectic songwriting and energetic live performances.

- We are Open, we are not closed.




May 16th - Best End Brewing (Atl)
July 4th - Nuke Skate Park (Ath)
July 12th - Smiths Olde Bar (Atl)
July 30th - Smiths Olde Bar (Atl)
September 9th - 40 Watt (Ath)
September 25th - East Atl Strut (Atl)
October 23rd - House Party (Ath)
October 30th - Smiths Olde Bar (Atl)
December 20th - Flicker (Ath)


January 8th - Smiths Olde Bar (Atl)
January 22nd - House Party (Ath)
March 6th - Boggs Social (Atl)
March 20th - Mike Stasnys (Atl)
March 25th - Heck House (Atl)
April 22nd - Heck House (Atl)
April 30th - Porchella (Mil)
May 6th - Mike Stasnys (Atl)
May 14th - Cine (Ath) 
May 19th - Flicker (Ath)
June 11th - House Party (Atl)
June 25th - Cozy Bar (Ath) 
July 12th - JJs (Chatt)
July 23rd - Exile (Chatt)
July 30th - Cozy Bar (Ath)
August 22nd - The Cobra (Nash)
September 8th - Springwater (Nash)
September 12th - The Cobra (Nash) 
September 17th - JJs (Chatt) 
September 24th - Dark Roast (Chatt)
October 1st - Gunk House (Nash)
October 8th - Cozy Bar (Ath) 
October 22nd - Betty’s (Nash)
October 23rd - WhereHouse (Chatt)
October 27th - The Globe (Athens)
October 31st - Cherry St (Chatt)
November 5th - Exile (Chatt)
November 18th - House Party (Sav)
November 19th - Two Rivers Skate Park (Nash)
November 20th - JJs (Chatt)
November 30th - The End (Nash)
December 16th - Lilys Snack Bar (Boone)
December 17th - House Party (Sav)
December 18th - Sarbez (St. Aug)
December 19th - Smiths Olde Bar (Atl)
December 20th - Mike Stasnys (Atl)
December 21st - Cherry St. (Chatt)
December 22nd - Cozy Bar (Ath)
December 26th - Gunk House (Nash)
December 27th - Crossroads House (Murf)
December 28th - The Nick (Bham)
December 30th - The Bark (Tally)


January 1st - Siberia (Nola)
January 7th - Sailors Den Tattoo (Chatt)
January 13th - Crossroads House (Murf)
January 28th - Exile (Chatt)
February 15th - Honest Pint (Chatt)
February 20th - Cherry St (Chatt)
March 15th - JJs (Chatt)
March 21st - Cherry St (Chatt)
March 24th - JJs (Chatt)
March 31st - House Party (Ath)
April 7th - Cherry St (Chatt)
April 8th - JJs (Chatt) 
April 15th - Boneyard (Chatt)
April 23rd - Boneyard (Chatt)
May 6th - JJs (Chatt)
May 13th - Hifi Clyde's (Chatt)
May 28th - Boneyard (Chatt)

June 9th - Cozy Bar (Ath)

July 1st - The Barn (Dayton)

July 2nd - Gunk House (Nash)

July 14th - Boneyard (Chatt)

July 22nd - JJs (Chatt)

July 23rd - Sluggos (Chatt)

August 5th - East Room (Nash)

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